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CrossCover is supported by SBRI Healthcare, an NHS England and NHS Improvement initiative, supported by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). 

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What is CrossCover?

CrossCover is a multi award winning platform designed by clinicians to optimise workflows for Clinical Pathways across Primary and Secondary Care.

A system wide solution to getting the right care for the right patient at the right place at the right time utilising cost and carbon efficient pathways.
Through the three pillars of the Primary care interface, Secondary care interface and the patient facing Patient Pathways App any clinical or clerical workflow is supported.

Challenges We Address

Bottlenecks in Efficiency
Hard to Operationalise Best Practice
Large Variation in Practice
Unnecessary Referrals to Secondary Care

Solutions We Provide

Cloud Hosted
Force Multiplier
Fully Mapped Processes
Completely Editable Pathways

Cancer Management System

Innovating Oncology Care with Precision, Comprehensive Data Integration, and Enhanced Collaborative Tools for Superior Patient Outcomes

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Early Diagnosis

Supports correct identification of cancer in primary care, aiding GPs in ordering correct investigations and referrals.

Single Cancer Patient Record

Spans multiple Trusts and Primary Care, reducing duplication.

Flows and Validation Rules

Ensure complete data sets for each patient.

Full Audit Traceability

Enables easy harm reviews.

Referral Creation & Triage

Standardised forms to ingest data and send to NHS inbox, e-referral service (e-RS), or CrossCover board. Ingests referrals from NHS mailboxes, e-referral service, uploaded paper letters into workflows for MDTs.

Rapid Cancer MDT Coordination

Sources all pathway information for MDT preparation.


Supports mandated reporting sets (COSD version 10.0.2) and Cancer Waiting Times (CWTs).

Patient Pathways App

Provides patients digital access to their care plans, remote access to specialists, and monitoring.


Supports early clinic booking for potential cancer patients and ongoing booking coordination.

Breach Analysis

Helps understand root causes of target breaches.

Cancer Pathway Tracking

Provides analytics and alerts for Trust Cancer Leads.

Personalised Support Care Plan

Holistic Needs Assessment forms sent to patients for completion at home, reviewed by Cancer Support Workers.

Digital Front Door to Primary Care

CrossCover | Patient Pathways Digital Front Door simplifies online requests by providing a user-friendly interface for streamlined navigation, and prompt responses.

Empowers practices to manage and customise patient pathways, allowing for self-service functionalities. This aspect is integral for contemporary General Practices as it grants patients direct digital access to their GP.

Through CrossCover, practices can fully customise the patient pathways to suit their needs. Patients will be able to access Patient Pathways through NHS Login on desktop or mobile devices.

All incoming requests are systematically organised in a fully customisable boards, accompanied by actionable alerts based on parameters defined by the practice.

Additionally, Patient Pathways serves as a gateway to pertinent information related to individual health concerns, diseases, recommended screenings, opportunities to participate in surveys or questionnaires, or avenues to provide crucial feedback to the practice.

Patients have the ability to fill out a Health Form, request Online Consultations, Self-Book Appointments, submit Administrative requests and more which will be integrated to the patients medical record.

Referral Optimisation

CrossCover | Referral Management System optimises referrals by providing a user-friendly interface for creating appropriate referrals and standardising referral triage from NHS mailboxes, e-RS, uploaded letters, internal and third party systems into single workflows.

Elective Referrals

Decision support flows in primary care deployed across the ICS ensure GPs and FCPs are supported to refer patients to Secondary Care when they are required. Reduces the time required for consultations in Primary Care.

Bespoke referral forms from referral endpoints remove the administrative burden of using the e-RS front-end from practices. The GPs know the correct referral form is being sent to the correct 
e-RS worklist. Specialty Incoming Referral Boards will be able to pull referrals from NHS mailboxes, e-RS or direct CrossCover referrals from pathways with all the required information. Managing e-RS referrals including A+G in a CrossCover Board will be able to update e-RS behind the scenes through API connections.

Once Referrals are triaged they can be passed on to a chain of connected Boards for waiting list optimisation, procedure and clinic bookings.

At the same time all these events can be fed back to the patient via the Patient Pathways App.

Emergency Referrals

Decision Support Flows in Emergency Care and Minor Injury Units help to reduce the waiting times and ensure a higher quality of care for the patients.

Referral endpoints can point to Emergency Speciality Incoming Referral Boards for the on call teams to manage the workload efficiently.


The Referrals come packaged with all the information they require as bespoke referral forms are the gateway to the referral process.

Two way communication is logged in the electronic health record between the Referrer and the Specialist.

For less urgent referrals, such as Fracture Clinic the endpoints can provide booking slots for the patients to have control over their appointments from the Flow in the ED or MIU. Equally, these non urgent referrals can be pointed to clerical booking worklists if that is preferred.



Clinical Decision Support Flows

Front-line NHS staff are faced with complex decisions and have limited access to supportive tools. CrossCover contains a range of clinical specialty web applications designed to assist clinicians in making the best decisions for every patient encounter. This enables patients to be given the right care in the right place at the right time. 

NHS consultants are our most experienced decision makers for their specialty, but there are not enough of them to see every patient presenting to our Emergency Departments (EDs) and every patient presenting to Primary Care. The reality is more junior and Generalist NHS staff make a large proportion of the decisions relating to patient care.

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Customisable Forms

Our Form editor gives the power to build Forms for many use cases with input validation to adapt to any workflow.
Healthcare is diverse with a variety of requirements for administrative and clinical workflows. Customisable Forms are a versatile solution to help with data accuracy and reliability.

Forms can be deployed for collecting PREMS, PROMS, Referrals, Surveys and standardising clinical note documentation.
Receiving a referral without the required information to inform decision making can be challenging for triage. Often this leads to extra work to make a decision or a frustrating “referral rejected” response, requiring more work from the GPs. 

Customisable Boards

A complete Pathway involves decisions support flows with end points connected to patient management boards and a layer of automations. 

Effective referral management requires the right patients to be referred to the correct service with all the required information. Our customisable forms help at the point of referral for all data to be captured.

Patient management boards can be deployed for a variety of use cases from emergency on call incoming referral boards, to whiteboards to clerical booking boards to theatre and clinic session boards with bookable slots.
We give you the power to build, test and deploy boards for all use cases.


Customisable Automations

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our Digital Health Application takes a giant leap forward by incorporating cutting-edge automations that not only streamline processes but also alleviate the administrative burden on healthcare professionals.

By automating tasks that were once time-consuming and prone to error, we empower healthcare professionals to deliver more personalised, efficient, and patient-centered care. 

Patient Pathways App

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our Digital Health Application takes a giant leap forward by incorporating cutting-edge automations that not only streamline processes but also alleviate the administrative burden on healthcare professionals.


Modern Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Discover a revolutionary Electronic Health Record (EHR) meticulously designed by clinicians for clinicians.


Our EHR is not just a system; it's a versatile tool tailored to enhance care workflows, whether for a single specialty utilising CrossCover or seamlessly scaling to a pan Integrated Care System (ICS) for Primary and Secondary Care Health Records.

CrossCover is Fully Illustrated

We bring the clinical pathways to life with hundreds of medical illustrations and the capacity to make any our customers need.

Empowering Staff to Optimise Flows

The only platform that empowers clinical staff with fully customisable clinical pathways.

CrossCover is the first Development and Operations (DevOps) platform for clinical pathways. We enable experts to collaborate at scale, consolidate optimal clinical decision support processes ​and spread this knowledge into the core workflow of all staff, ensuring patients receive the best treatment every time.

4. Deploy
1. Design

Your experts can collaborate at scale to design clinical pathways with our collaborative tools.

2. Build

Using our visual designer your experts can build clinical pathways

3. Test

In our sandbox pathway development environment the pathways can be tested before going though a dynamically configurable sign off procedure

5. Operate

Pathways fit into the core workflow of all staff by integrating into existing systems

6. Monitor

Real-time operational data insights into your clinical pathways

7. Clinical Effectiveness

Increases concordance with local, national and international standards of care. Helps to link clinicians with guidelines when they need them, which improves quality of care.


Who’s using CrossCover?

We have spread across the NHS to support NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Systems


NHS Sites

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Click here to see the Independent Health Economic Study of OrthoPathway's Impact in NHS Trusts: Health Economic Study

Click here to see the impact of OrthoPathway in Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust as presented at ASiT: ASiT poster

Regulatory Compliance

CrossCover is regulated to the highest information security, quality and clinical risk management standards

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Hear it from the Clinicians

“It’s very good for making decisions ... it’s very systematic because it goes through the examination of findings you should look out for and then it goes to the decision that needs to be taken based on what you find on the x-ray and your know the clients examinations, so it’s very good, I find it very useful.”